Maxims For Teachers

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     In II Tim. 2:2, Paul writes, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”  To teach is to instruct.  The content taught consisted of the apostolic doctrine or, in other words, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The word spoken was confirmed by eyewitnesses.  The persons to be taught were faithful men.  Men who are true to God and to His Word.  Men who are responsible, trustworthy and loyal to the truth.  The work of teaching was to be passed on from generation to generation.  Paul taught Timothy.  Timothy was to find faithful men to instruct and enlist in this great work.  Those men chosen were also to find others to enlist in this good work.  In this manner, each generation would have teachers who would proclaim the truth. 
     Teaching God’s Word is an honorable and necessary profession.  Below you will find several maxims for teachers gleaned from H. Leo Boles. 
     Motivation For Teaching.
     Maxim # 1:  Love of the work of teaching leads to faithfulness.  Faithfulness leads to success.  Love God, the truth and your students.
     Maxim # 2:  A teacher should teach for the salvation of souls and for the glory of God.
     Preparation For Teaching.
     Maxim # 3:  Time should be taken to prepare every lesson before going before the class to teach.  Preparation is important.  You cannot teach what you do not know.  Preparation builds confidence and solidifies convictions.  Lack of preparation can lead to discipline problems in the classroom.
     Maxim # 4:  The bee gathers honey from every flower; the teacher should gather instruction for his class from every book and magazine and newspaper that he reads, and from every circumstance in life that he witnesses.
     Maxim # 5:  A successful teacher will study the character and imitate the conduct of Jesus, the Great Teacher.  Imitation of Christ is the means of exemplifying Christ to your students.
     The Focus of Teaching.
     Maxim # 6: A good teacher will study the character, home surroundings, and habits of life of each student.  Good teachers know their students.  Teachers must learn to love each student for who they are without respect of persons.
     Maxim # 7: Every teacher should learn to talk with each student personally about the welfare of the soul and the spiritual life.
     Maxim # 8: Successful teachers are ever on the lookout for new members to enroll in the class.
     The Rewards of Teaching.
     Maxim # 9:  The highest joy of the faithful teacher will be to say before the Judge of all, “Behold, me, and the children thou hast given me.”  Teachers will have the fruit of their labors.
     Maxim # 10: The rewards of a teacher are held in store for the future life; some rewards are received here.  Rewards in this life include:  witnessing the spiritual growth of a child and the gratitude and respect of your students.  Rewards in the life to come involve eternal life (Titus 1:2) and the joy of thy Lord (Matt. 25:23). 
     Teaching God’s Word is a noble work.  Heartfelt gratitude must be given to each dedicated and faithful teacher who touches the souls of our children for the purpose of bringing them to salvation which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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