The Theory of Evolution and Thomas Warren

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I would like to provide my readers with two quotations from Thomas Warren on the topic of evolution.  Both quotations come from the book, The Book of Genesis edited by Thomas Warren and Garland Elkins.  These quotations are significant in light of the fact that the Warren Christian Apologetics Center published Genesis 1 and Lessons From Space which was written by Dr. Nobie Stone–a theistic evolutionist.  Thomas Warren would not have approved of the false doctrine of theistic evolution.
Thomas Warren wrote a lecture for the book, The Book of Genesis, titled, “In the Beginning God…” On page 19, he writes, “But God–through the Word–created everything other than Himself.  The passages of Scripture which are referred to in endnote 43 make clear that God, by the power of His Word (and through the Word, John 1:1-3) is the creator of the physical universe (the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars), human beings, all animals, and, in fact, all that exists other than himself.  The theory of evolution is false.  The doctrine of creation–as taught in the Bible–is true.”
A second quotation comes from a lecture Thomas Warren wrote titled, “The Creation of Adam and Eve” pp. 42-47).  On page 42, Warren wrote, “There are two basic ways of completing the statement “Man and woman came into being as a result of...” Those two ways are: (1) “…the miraculous creative act of God,” and (2) “…evolution.”  Point (1) means that God created man and woman full grown and, therefore, that man had no non-human ancestors, Point (2) means that man came into being by some sort of changes from some lower (non-human) form of life and, ultimately, of non-living matter.  There are the two basic answers.  It cannot be the case that both of them are true, and it cannot be that neither one of them is true.  It must be that one of them is true and the other is false.  Can we really know which one is true?  We confidently affirm that we can.  Since the Bible is the word of God (this can be proved), then the Bible is infallible (God does not lie, Heb. 6:18; Tit. 1:2).  Therefore, if the Bible gives the account of the origin of man, then by studying and properly interpreting the Bible, man can come to know the truth about his own origin.  It is of great significance to note that while the theory of evolution cannot be verified but can be falsified, the Biblical account of the origin of man can be verified and cannot be falsified” (p. 42).  (All emphasis Thomas Warren).

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