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     The following poem was written by Nancy Merical.  It is titled, “Tapestry.”  I found this poem in Ideals, Vol. 54, NO. 4, Sept. 1997.  Many have requested it from me, so I decided to put it on my blog.
     We weave our cloth of life with threads
     Of hours and days we’re given
     And make a pattern that reflects
     The face of God in heaven.
     He gives us days of greatest joy
     That cast a lovely hue.
     But days of sorrow we must bear
     For darker colors too.
     Some days have trials woven in
     That give our cloth its strength,
     So other days that are misused
     Won’t cause a tear or rent.
     Friends add texture to our cloth
     And shining highlights leave:
     New ones silver, old ones gold
     Affect the warp and weave.
     Faith is the shuttle we employ
     To weave a better cloth,
     And love we use to weave it too;
     Love makes it smooth and soft.
     Some days we weave silken threads
     And some days coarse and rough;
     One day’s threads are stout and strong,
     Another’s softest fluff.
     But when our cloth of life is woven
     And taken from the frame,
     It is unique, one of a kind;
     None other is the same.
     For though the same days we are given,
     We use them differently
     And make a pattern all our own
     In God’s great tapestry.