Music Matters in the Lord’s Church

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I have recently reviewed the book by Aubrey Johnson titled, Music Matters in the Lord’s Church.  The review is listed under the Book Reviews page on my blog.  Just click on the page and then click on the title of the book.
Aubrey Johnson writes for members of the church of Christ primarily to instruct them concerning the various aspects of a cappella music.  Members of the church of Christ, for the most part, do not use instruments of music in worship to God.  The book consists of thirteen chapters, designed for one quarter of study, that addresses various issues with regard to the type of music the New Testament authorizes for use in worship to God.  This book provides a good explanation regarding why members of the church of Christ do not use instrumental music, solos, choirs, quartets, vocal bands, humming, and hand clapping in worship to God.  It also shows that singing fulfills the command to worship God in spirit and  in truth.