God’s Pursuit of Man

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Thirty-year-old Christiana Hines stopped by a gas station early Tuesday morning in Casselberry, FL, but left a $50 bill on the counter when she left the convenience store. A clerk tried to give it back, but Ms. Hines was already driving away. As it turned out, a Seminold County sheriff’s duputy had just arrived. When he learned that the cleark was trying to give the woman back her $50, the deputy offered to go after the woman and return the money himself. The deputy caught up with Ms. Hines, but before alterting her to his presence, he decided to check her tags. He discovered Ms. Hines’ license had been suspended. He put on his lights and sirens and that’s when Ms. Hines sped off. Casselberry Police set up a spiked strip to stop Hines, and though it deflated the car’s right-side tires, she still managed to speed away and lose the police. It wasn’t until she had driven into a gated community that police sergeant with the Casselberry Police spotted her and arrested her. Beyond leading the police in a car chase and having a suspended license, Hines had heroin and hypodermic needles in her car. The Sentinel reported that, “She is being held in John E. Polk Correctional Facility on charges of resisting an officer, heroin possession, driving while license suspended and possession of drug-use equipment.” All because she had forgotten a $50 bill at a gas station. (Yahoo.com, “Woman Leads Police on Chase After She forgets $50 on gas station counter (4/15/2014)).
In Genesis 3:1-10, we read the account of Adam and Eve’s sin against God when they ate of the forbidden fruit. Both of them hid from God. God pursued them, “where art thou?” Adam replied: “I heard”; “I was afraid because I was naked”; and “I hid myself.” Adam hides from God as God pursues him. Adam hides because he has sinned. God pursues him to help him. Most of the time when we run from God, we are attempting to hide our sins. God only desires to do us good. He knows we need redemption. He alone can provide it. Sin separates us from God. Yet, God seeks us through His Son Jesus Christ in order to reconcile us to Himself (II Cor. 5:17-19). When will we stop running from God?