Greek Devotions

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Recently, I uploaded a new book review on the book review page of my blog.  The book reviewed is Devotions on the Greek New Testament by J. Scott Duvall & Verlyn D. Verbrugge, editors.  The book contains 52 essays on various passages in the New Testament.  The main idea behind the book is to demonstrate how the knowledge of the Greek language is beneficial to New Testament exegesis.  There are insights that can be gained by knowing Greek grammar and syntax that cannot be known by reading the text in English.  Also, Greek word studies help identify links between passages of Scripture that aid in ascertaining the meaning of words and the variety of meaning of words in the New Testament.  Over 30 New Testament Greek scholars contributed to the essays in the book.  The reader should know that a knowledge of New Testament Greek is helpful for gleaning the most out of the book.  This book is written primarily for those ministers who took New Testament Greek and then abandoned it in their studies because they felt it was not productive or too much work.
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